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The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

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The iPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive iPhone you can buy today – Is it a worthy successor to the previous most expensive iPhones you can buy or is it a rehash worth skipping?

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36 thoughts on “The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

  1. "The glass may be as shatter resistant as Apple says but the hardness doesn't seem to have followed suit."
    Somebody wanna tell Linus the correlation between brittleness and hardness?

  2. All of your gripes with the Apple watch is why I still have yet to buy a smartwatch. If they really wanted to make a good smart watch they would just make a stand-alone Android device

  3. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is literally the first iPhone in a long time to make me want to switch back to Apple since I switched to Android permanently over 2 years ago and this time I'm going all in with Apple, and will probably eventually ditch Android for good. Ok maybe not completely as I still like Android a lot.

  4. Apple does not have 4k display but Sony Xperia zs has 4k display which Apple does not have from features to now a days Sony is grate I think . I think what Sony Improve it quality of its Sony Xperia it become better than I phone

  5. Through events (no fault of myown) I ended up with an Iphone 11. Does it have anything like picture in picture? That is the most annoying thing about it. I can't seem to keep watching a video while I swap to something else.

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