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Top 4 iPad Apps for Architects in 2019

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Procreate –

Adobe Sketch –

Concepts App –

Morpholio Trace –

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22 thoughts on “Top 4 iPad Apps for Architects in 2019

  1. Hi love the video. I’m a pattern maker. My goal is to make my patterns on a great app and / or import the patterns that I have handmade and trace them. In order to make sure they are to scale, I need grid lines and measurement tools. I also need to be able to export finished products to PDF’s and svg files. What app do you think would work best. I design leather handbags and accessories. Thank you for your time.

  2. Thank you very much! I ve started a few months ago a French channel to share my discover with iPad and how to sketch on it! ??????❤️ I’m really in love with procreate and iPad to sketch and take notes …. ??

  3. I’m currently starting the masters in architecture program, and just bought myself an IPad Pro, thank you for this video it was very helpful getting started with my iPad. Do you have an extended tutorial for Morpholio Trace or know of any tutorials? I want to get more familiarized with how to use all the tools it offers and how i can use them for my career. Thank you!

  4. nice apps, i have more or less all installed, but i would mentioned bimx (if you're using arhicad), great for presentations etc, than maybe rhino app, stroika (floorplan genarator) etc.

  5. Great video. Thanks for posting & sharing your knowledge! I’m a CAD/BIM technician & designer…20+ years in.
    I recently upgraded to the iPad Pro with new pencil, just getting into the “usefulness” features for what we do & how I do it. I work primarily in ArchiCAD on Macs now…used all of the other big player at some point. I agree that the 4 apps that you cover are top shelf. I’m also looking at some that actual do 3D modeling from sketching…anyway, I wish the big boys; ArchiCAD, Revit, etc. would actually develop & offer some supplemental module to their $6K software, that allows us to (almost) do REAL CAD/BIM work on a tablet, or at least some portions of it…right in the live BIM model/project, seamlessly. I expect that they are working on it. Thanks again! #ArchiCADwrangler #bearnest

  6. Hi, great video !!!! i have a question regarding ipad though…since the 11 inch is way above my budget do you think ipad air (2019) or ipad (9.7 inch) with the first gen pencil would run Morpholio, Procreate and Sharp 3d smoothly? thank you

  7. Procreate also have grid and drawing straight line option.
    Concept also have straight line feature, just increase the feather line in pen/pencil option. U can lose or tighten the line the way u like .Greetings from India .

  8. Great video! I really like the way you explain and presented these programs. I also didn’t know about procreate but am going to get it now I saw your presentation. I have trace, but think it is rather complicated to figure out and their tutorials aren’t the greatest because they are too fast. Thanks!

  9. Really well produced and narrated. I didn’t know about Procreate, but tried it and agree, it’s a fantastic drawing and painting app. Would have loved to see more of Trace’s perspective tools…

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