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Using FaceTime – An iPad Mini Tutorial

How to use FaceTime on the iPad 2. Video tutorial by Scott Ligon, coordinator for digital foundation classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

25 thoughts on “Using FaceTime – An iPad Mini Tutorial

  1. Hi. If you are calling someone who has an iPhone, you can actually contact him by his phone number from your iPad or iPod 4th Gen. An iphone (4 and higher) has two options to be contacted – which is either email or phone number (or both), while ipads and ipod 4 gen have no choice but to be contacted by email. Some people use just a phone number to be contacted by facetime or iMessage, some people otherwise just use their email to be contacted by facetime or iMessage. (confidentiality)

  2. oh my god you flashed her full name and email address! sheesh i hope she is not upset with the international broadcast of her image, full name and email address. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I have bluetooth speakers connected to my iPhone and works well, but DOES NOT at all when I start to use Facetime. I was hoping that the audio would come out of the speakers but does not. Is it true that Facetime does not support bluetooth external speakers?

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