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What's going on with the Galaxy S11 Camera?

Clip from Lew Later (Episode -The Insane Galaxy S11+ Camera Setup) –

50 thoughts on “What's going on with the Galaxy S11 Camera?

  1. No one really cares too much about having 5 cameras, most just want a nice looking phone with a headphone jack, and the s11/s20 lacks both.

  2. please change the S11+ Camera, please don't copy iphone! this might lose publicity. please change the design and please make it go on top of phone horizontally or make it diagonally designed. please don't make it this way. please don't take your revenge on iphone! please… you could make anything, crisscross design cameras or anything. please don't copy iphone for the S series phones atleast! please, change the design.

  3. All these phones coming out now is retarded. Why so many cameras. Looking like R2D2. Its Dumb. If I want a good camera I'll go buy a camera.. I'm more about the Service Overall.

  4. People are so obsessed with their social media and freaking selfies now, they don't care how the phone looks, as long as they're told "more cameras, better pictures." Pathetic generation we have now and coming up. Give em a brick with 15 cameras, and you can sell it for $3,500 as long as it texts and takes a pic. The phone doesnt even need to call anyone for them to be happy.

  5. Honestly don't care much for aesthetics and others really shouldn't either… I just wish they'd use sensors from dslr cameras and make a change to the industry.. instead of meddling along and doing it safe

  6. I like how android has been focusing on the Iphones only previous proclaimed advantage… The camera. N through that, they fell behind on specs AND still lost the camera war lmao now the iPhone pro max has the better battery life and better camera AND the more efficient chipset… So this leaves me with one Question. For those of us who arent picture heads (the majority of everyday phone users), WHAT DO WE GET??? Everythings been about the DAMN CAMERA???

  7. Why can they just make one bad ass camera and not have 4-5 in a small space they need to upgrade to less lens not more …have less do more not have more do the same

  8. iPhone:puts 3 cameras on back
    Tech community:oh my god it’s awful
    Samsung:puts even more cameras with an uglier camera
    Tech community:people need to stop freaking out as long as it works it’s fine
    ?I sense bias in the tech community

  9. I mean how should the camera layout look like then lol. Samsung are dropping five cameras on the back of S11 in 2020, so I really don't care what ideas Samsung comes up with

  10. Samsung fans (Not all but some): Looks at iPhone 11 pro
    Ewwwww why do they have to make the camera look like thattt, good thing the s11 won’t have the monstrosity!

    S11: Haha… yeah… Sweats

    No hate tho, I love all phone companies, I don’t mind the 11 pro camera looks so I think I won’t mind with the s11 as well

  11. Come one Samsung, lower the price of your smartphones if you want people to buy them. It becomes too expensive and overpriced.it doesn't make any sense to pay a thousand dollars for a phone in 2020.remember ,there is no business without customer. Send at least 2 phones a year ,let's be more sensitive to the customer pocket if we don't want them to no be bankrupt.

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