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Which iPad to Get for Digital Art?

Should you get the iPad or iPad Pro for drawing? Big or small? New or the previous generation? Find out in this video.

My full reviews for the iPad 6, iPad Pro 2017 and iPad Pro 2018

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46 thoughts on “Which iPad to Get for Digital Art?

  1. I have a question and please someone answear this! I want the new iPad 7th gen for drawing! But I’m curious if Procreate comes with it? Or does any other ipad come with procreate? Please answear my question my fellow drawer out there???

  2. Right now I have a wacom cintiq 16, not the pro, and honestly i am very disappointed and I want to sell it and buy an ipad. The colours are not that good and I am so used to my phone, it's just too pixelated for me. It's too heavy and not really easy to position. Still thinking about which ipad I want though

  3. Nice review, and a great reviewer in general. You capture some aspects well, which are constantly missing in literally all other reviews, constantly. But I must admit that these days I don't (have time to) watch others' reviews, if/once I find your review on that device 😉 .

  4. Hey! I was just wondering, seeing as you are still replying to these comments, what iPad you would recommend me ( for drawing.) I am 13 but I'm really into drawing, right now I have a huion 1060 new plus, which has a lot of issues with the huion drivers. I want to ask my parents for a second hand ipad and apple pencil for Christmas and I'd have a budget of less than £150, around 200 dollars. I have already looked on sites like eBay, where I've found a few iPad air 2's/ minis that are in price range… Thank you in advance AND for the really comprehensive and informative video ?

  5. @Teoh Yi Chie:
    I'm considering to buy an iPad (with Apple Pencil) but torn between iPad 6 and Air 3. I don't need all the fancy bell and whistle so I'm considering iPad 6… But iPad 6 has that gap (parallax) since it doesn't use laminated screen… But the price is 210ish USD difference (which is a lot for me since I still need to buy a case, screen protector, and Apple Pencil, all of them could cost another 200+USD).
    Is the gap/parallax worth spending another 210USD? Or it never bother you when drawing? I use Artisul D13 and it has parallax… But it never really bothers me when I start drawing (I notice it when using for other stuff, but when I start drawing, I kinda forget it's there)… But in PC tablet, we have cursor flying around when the pen near the screen… while there's no cursor at all with Apple Pencil.

  6. Thanks o much for this video. I'm just getting interested in digital drawing for costume design purposes and i think i'll start with the 10.5'. Thanks for making me feel confident about my decision. Really great detailed review.

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