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Which Mac to Buy in 2020? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro!

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Which MacBook to buy in 2020? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro!

MacBook Air ?
13” MacBook Pro ?
16” MacBook Pro ?
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23 thoughts on “Which Mac to Buy in 2020? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro!

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  2. Great video. By no means turning this into a PC vs Mac debate but I just purchased a Lenovo C940, 16gb, 1tbssd, 10th gen ice lake i7, 802,11ax(very nice) in 4 k for 1250.00 from lenovo. Computer is 3lbs as well, 14" dispaly. Same aluminum chasis. It's just amazing how much more bang for buck you get in pC world.

  3. this was such a great video, thank you!!! i'm a music major and i was recommended a macbook for the various music applications my university uses. i know nothing about laptops/computers so this was so helpful! thank you sm!!!!

  4. I really like the way you put this video together. Most of the other videos on YouTube like this go on and on and don’t focus on the differences. I liked how you said “if you like… or if you want… then this is what you’re looking for”. I’m getting a new laptop and this helped so much with my decision. Thanks! ☺️

  5. 1:41 what about making music on garage band and making files and stuff will it be able to handle that? (btw not sarcastic question if it can do this smoothly no problem then this will be the major go for me!

  6. I have a MacBook Pro 13” late 2011 model. I got the laptop April 2012. In 2014 I had to have a hard drive replacement. In 2016 I had to replace the charger. Now my laptop is slow and trying to film videos on my laptop is glitchy. I Don’t Know how to fix it. I live 5 hours from the nearest Apple store. And 3 hours from a repair place that specializes in doing repairs on Apple products. And since my laptop is that old Apple doesn’t do repairs on them anymore or so I heard. Last week I was approached via text from a company that I use their services and told me I am eligible for either a free MacBook or an iPad. I am waiting to hear back from the person on the specifics of the MacBook. But from our old messages the person told me It will be a MacBook Air but never went further in the the specifics with me on it.

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