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Why I Returned My 11 Inch iPad Pro… And Bought a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

I talked about my 11 inch iPad Pro recently and well, now that one is gone. Let’s take a look at the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

11 inch iPad Pro Review:

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31 thoughts on “Why I Returned My 11 Inch iPad Pro… And Bought a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

  1. It really sounds like you were truly trying to justify your decision to buy the larger model. When you say the 11 is so small it's like you're describing an iPad mini or something. The difference is drastic. Also the split screen/multi-task view is relative to screensize. You should of just purchased a 15' mbp because the iPad 12.9 screen is so much smaller.

  2. bro..then i'm a medical student…for note taking and online study,for what i should go- ipad air/ipad pro….
    And does the 120hz of display affect the writing experience so much?is it very different from 60 hz display??

  3. When the iPad Pro came out in 2018, I started with the iPad Pro 11inch. The 11inch was great for putting it in my work back, carrying it around like a book, or even just holding it with one hand. However, my workflow had changed and i was noticing the limitations still of the iPad software, but that was because it was using iOS. Since the debut of iPadOS, i started to use the iPad more as my primary personal computer. But, as time went on, again my workflow had changed and 2019 had hit and I thought we would see a refresh to the iPad Pro, so i sold the 11inch and went without till again the apps I used on the IPad I started to miss and noticed they were not all available on the MacOS and I was tired of committing to work arounds. So, during the holidays i made the plunge and went back to the iPad but went with the Air; however there was key feature I was missing, which the USB type C. The lightening port and only have that one port to do anything with was just too limiting. So, then I returned that and went with the 12.9 IPad Pro cellular edition and haven;t look back. I can complete 100% of my personal work flow and I don’t have to settle for other programs to replace the apps that were not available on MacOS.

  4. You use the iPad for work, at a desk, it makes the larger screen obvious. I don’t do work on the iPad, so I’m replacing my old Air with the 11”.

  5. I just got the smaller one for $600 (open box deal from Best Buy) I’m a student so I struggled with choosing which size, but I wanted a portable tablet for taking to my classes and I have an older 15” MacBook for at home

  6. I have seen many video but this one of the better 1's! When people doing a 11 vs 12.9 they never talk about the unhandy screen ration the 11 has and apps have a hard time adjusting to that while the 12.9 is just amazing.

  7. Absolutely agree with all the points you made. I am not a student/art related profession but always multi-tasking for my work/study. My eyesight deteriorated badly with the previous 10.5 inch pro so this time I went straight for the 12.9. I did notice the larger screen made me get slightly nauseated when I use the 12.9 all the long and wonder if it is like an effect from the higher amount of electromagnetic waves that I am exposed to etc (please ignore me lol).. I have no problem using it as a netflix machine as I use a separate bluetooth keyboard and only use the folio case to watch on my lap in bed.

    Nowadays the 11" looks too small to do any decent work for me.. I was considering getting the new 16" macbook pro but looking at how well you are doing with just the ipad pro alone I should reconsider getting the laptop at all!

  8. Man, I edit full length movies on my iPad Pro 12.9
    It’s a great machine and very efficient. I barely open my MacBook Pro now that I’m considering to sell it.
    So yeah, the 12.9 inch is as efficient as MacBook but much more fun to use. An Amazing tablet by all means.

  9. The I pad was a piece of shit unit the new iPad is came out now I can make a fucking folder and access files from USB keys for the most part kinda use it like a real computer

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