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Why I Think the IPad Pro and Procreate is the Best Option for Digital Inking

Want to try my Procreate brushes? Here is the link – ( Type 0 during checkout if you want them for free or buy me a coffee either way I don’t mind! 😉

In this video I show you some of my inking process and talk about why I think this is the best way to ink digitally. I feel that the iPad Pro and the app Procreate is the most effective combination for inking digitally. It feels very natural and the brushes are extremely responsive.

I also use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD and…

26 thoughts on “Why I Think the IPad Pro and Procreate is the Best Option for Digital Inking

  1. What DPI do you work at? I've been using my IPAD Pro to do comic pages in Medi-Bang but Procreate caps off at 500 dpi for 11×17 canvas size. Is 500 dpi high enough for quality printwork?

  2. If you haven't checked out the paperlike V2 matte screen protector that might be worth it for you. Way closer to that paper feel than their original and less image distortion.

  3. Do you prefer it for inking to ClipStudio for ipad? I have been using procreate for digital painting and I love it but for comics I find I end up using clip studio for ipad. Although being a newbie in comics in general I am uncertain what's best to use for digital inking.
    p.s. your brushes for clipstudio are great I bought them today 🙂

  4. There is a screen cover that you can purchase that is designed to make it feel like your on paper at the moment I can’t remember what it’s called but I’ll come back once I Remember edit: it’s called the paper me v1 also there is a bigger I pad pro the newer models are full display no home button

  5. I totally agree with yours! iPad Pro+Procreate is the best option for artists! ( I've ditched for good previously Wacom tablets for using iPad Pro+Procreate.)

  6. I tend to use Procreate a lot myself & I agree with what you say. If I dove into Procreate without any knowledge of traditional art,I would feel totally lost in Procreate. I love Procreate because it’s like an endless supply of paper as well as inks. It’s like an art store open 24 hours where everything is Free! I got Procreate mainly because I ran out of markers one day. I couldn’t just go to the art store that day to get more so I checked out Procreate. I could take a photo & color with Procreate, but it turned out to be much more then that. It’s like my dream comic book studio I wanted when I was a kid!

  7. Even a refurbished IPad Pro is super expensive compared to something like a Huion drawing monitor. Plus you can use any program you want with plenty of free options like Sketchbook Pro.

  8. I have basically come to the same conclusion. At first it was a novelty but it's now how I prefer to work. I can't get away from just how much Procreate can do. Combine with the Apple Pencil, which is the best stylus ever made in my opinion, and it's just ridiculous. And that is coming from someone who others hates Apple products. I don't have an iPhone or Macbook or any of that. I prefer Android and my Windows PC. I only have an iPad by virtue of my work providing one to me for my professional life, but if that were to evaporate I would immediately run out and by an iPad Pro of my own to work on.

  9. Is the iPad pro procreate is to use I've never had a apple product. I manly use my Samsung note 8 to draw, but I'm thinking i would like to draw on something bigger. Does the iPad pro support sketchbook app.

  10. I AGREE with you! Apple should make new IPAD into a larger screen. Not adding too much camera on the back. 😀
    Second Procreate is great but inking in paper is more value than digital. IMO

  11. I really love your work. You should check out Artstudio Pro man. It's really incredible for inking. It feels so natural and realistic. I'm also a traditional inker and I find the brushes I use with artstudio pro to be some of the most natural I have felt digitally for inking. I like Procreate a lot for inking too, but I do feel it's a lot more true to the real thing in artstudio pro.

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