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Why I use the OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020!

The OnePlus 7 Pro is still one of my favorite phones and that is why I still use it today as my daily driver! If you haven’t picked one up, I highly recommend you do. It will not dissapoint!

OnePlus 7 Pro:

Equipment and Products I use:

Umbrella Wooden Trash Can:
Headphone Stand:
Phone Charging Stand:
AUKEY Wireless Earbuds:
Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones:…

36 thoughts on “Why I use the OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020!

  1. question , just curious, im considering whether to buy 7 pro or 7t, only thing im worried is that the pop camera motor longevity (if itll break or stop working on the long term) on the 7 pro and the lack of macro mode, 7t macro is amazing! althought the 7pro overall camera looks better then 7t ..i know im not gonna use it too much but its cool, im looking to use phone atleast for 4 yrs..
    any comment pls 🙂

  2. i have my OnePlus 7pro nebula blue i grab the last one im sooo lucky i get compliment of my color phone i see you have the same case as i do the supcase i like it you have the great color almond right?

  3. The Oneplus 7 pro's display is incredible when compared to samsung galaxy s10 plus because of the 90HZ refresh rate, the curved screen and edge to edge display. I've applied a screen protector from gadgetshieldz.com to keep it safe from scratches.

  4. I'm also using the 7pro, love this phone.. I don't know if I couldhonestly switch to another one like this video I love the oxygen OS the phone it's really hard to consider switching to a different company

  5. i love my 7 pro its the best 90hz is amazing i hearfd they going to 120hz on 8 and witless charge . omg cant wait ill sub and like great video man . I got this nice case slim but its called the latercase.

  6. the OnePlus 7 pro does have a smoother and faster software experience the note 10 plus and it also has better battery life. But it is definitely not a better overall device than the note 10 plus. It's not even close. I know because I have both devices

  7. Samsung makes the display for OnePlus. Samsung would never give their best display to another company. So how could the OnePlus 7 pro be a better display then the top tier Samsung S10 and the note 10 plus?

  8. Here's my plan: upgrade from my LG V30 to the OnePlus 6T (check), use it until the end of the year when the Pixel 5 and 8T are rolling out. If Google finally make a Pixel that's not ugly get the Pixel. If OP returns to bezeless form without punch hole get OP. If neither impress me enough then I'll get a used 7 pro for a bargain and use it as my new daily driver until next year

  9. What do you get for sot? I still find myself after 3 months getting minimum of 6-7+ hours sot, rarely less, which i love, my pixel 4 xl, although decent, gets 5 ish hours sot, sometimes 6 but thats stretching it

  10. Thank you! This was really helpful in deciding if it was worth buying this long after it was released.
    Do you think I should wait for the Oneplus 8 or go with the Oneplus 7 pro tho?

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