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Why iPad Pro + iPadOS is PERFECT for Students | KharmaMedic

?? Hey guys! In this video I show you why the iPad Pro + iPadOS is PERFECT for students. The iPad Pro is simply the best investment I’ve ever made as it is perfect for taking notes in college.
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iPad Pro note taking is simply the best way to learn your material and get things done! iPad OS / iPad OS13 brings many new features to the iPad Pro 2018 / iPad Pro 2019 / iPad 12.9 / iPad Air which are…

23 thoughts on “Why iPad Pro + iPadOS is PERFECT for Students | KharmaMedic

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in for another dose ? I hope you enjoy this video and it adds some value to your life in one way shape or form! I'd love to hear from you in the comments about how you use an iPad if you already have one and your tips to improve productivity and help us all study!
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    Hope you're having a wonderful day, peace!✌?

  2. I used the iPad Pro 10.5 with the pencil and Notability throughout undergrad and it was invaluable. I just got accepted and start medical school this Summer and I just purchased the new 12.9 iPad Pro and new Apple Pencil and will definitely get my use out of it the new few years.

  3. Sir I'm a student and I can't afford an I pad pro bro can u give me a I pad pro I watch all ur vedios plz give me bro lots of love from india lots of success to u bro…..

  4. Is perfect for students who do not need to do website development, application development, all other kinds of programming , video editing, photography, PowerPoint, music making, all kinds of engineering with engineering applications and so on. But in general, I strongly believe iPad is the BEST device for today’s students

  5. Great review. Would like to know your opinion, if one does not have a macbook/iPhone (totally new to the apple ecosystem) would you still recommend the student to get an iPad Pro?

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