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Win! Apple Watch vs Rolex Submariner | Watchfinder & Co.

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Given that the mechanical watch industry was almost rendered extinct by the onslaught of quartz technology at the end of the 20th century, it’s understandable that the rise of the smartwatch is posing a bit of a concern. Can the ancient and outdated mechanical wristwatch survive another round with modern innovation?

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21 thoughts on “Win! Apple Watch vs Rolex Submariner | Watchfinder & Co.

  1. A couple years I won an Apple smart watch in a drawing. It is still unused in the box. I have a couple quartz watches, but my daily wear is a 2007 Breitling SuperOcean blue dial ref# A17360. I also drive a car with a manual transmission.

  2. Apple watch is disposable trash and rolex is a tool that lasts for decades. No emotion about it, one is made to last and be serviced and one is made to be tossed.

  3. I love modern technology, in fact my favorite hobby is building computers. But I also love watches, both smart and mechanical. The apple watch is useful but Rolex will last you the rest of your life. I wear a smart watch at work (Apple watch our Samsung Galaxy watch) and I've had to upgrade both already. But all this time my Tissot Seastar I wear ever every day at school and in life is still good as the day I fell in love with it.

  4. The apple watch will not last 4 years after manufacturing as it is electronic in nature and will fail eventually but the Rolex (or any other high quality mechanical watch) will last you a lifetime if not more.

    Also theoretically the automatic mechanical watch will keep running because of self wounding movement while apple watch needs to be charged everyday or two also the battery will eventually die out and will need a replacement (if you could find one as newer models will have different battery size and shape and will be most likely incompatible with your watch) and that's the importance point as if there is no electricity the apple watch is nothing but a paper weight. The same is not true for a mechanical watch as even for a manually wound watch all it needs is a human to would it's spring and no electricity.

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