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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

▶ Redmi Note 8 Pro full specifications

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43 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro review

  1. I'm watching this with my Xiaomi Note 8 Pro… I have been waiting for this moment ?

    I have been using it for more than a month now and didn't experience any problems with it. I am so happy to have this phone. Everything about it is just great. Totally recommend.

  2. I have been using this phone for a few months now and I can confirm it is amazing in everyway except the system it needs some updates here and there but nothing major only small announce

  3. Hi guys..
    I'm thinking of buying the Note 8 Pro, but I heard that it has a heating issue or overheating problem, I don't know.
    What do you think about it?!
    Shall I bye it or do you have any better reommendation with the same price range?!

    Pardon my English.. ??

  4. I am NEVER buying another Xiaomi phone again. I bought this piece of crap. Sure, the specs are nice…on paper. HOWEVER the connectivity is trash. Can't even watch YouTube videos without it buffering every 5 seconds, even though my wifi is great. PLUS the SIM card situation is garbage as well. I've been through SEVERAL Xiaomi phones and tried SEVERAL SIM cards yet STILL experience delayed text issues and sometimes don't even receive pictures messages. This is with trying MULTIPLE carriers so I know it's not the carrier, it's the phone.
    Worst of all? THE ADS. Sure, you can remove some of them but not all. Who the F wants to see unremovable ads on their phone? For instance, even when you open Facebook, the phone pops up an ad asking you to like Xiaomi's Facebook page… WHAT THE F.
    You get what you pay for people… DO NOT BUY ANY XIAOMI PHONE I'M WARNING YOU.

  5. Please help. I just bought it yesterday and I was playing it around 9am it has 91% battery then after 3hrs its has already drop to 68%. Note I wasnt playing it continuously for 3hrs, only 3 games with pubg. Should I refer it to the service center? Thank u

  6. Only 2 problems for my rn8 pro. First casting has a frequent unstable connection. Second video quality on u tube is bad. Otherwise everything is good considering the price.

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