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You Can't Beat Apple – Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro

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Apple iPad Pro:
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The battle between Apple and Microsoft is fiercer than ever. On one side, you have Apple’s iPad Pro which recently received a huge productivity upgrade with iPad OS. On the other side, you have Microsoft’s Surface Pro X that makes…

47 thoughts on “You Can't Beat Apple – Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro

  1. It's funny but some of the negative sides of the Ipad are similar to the problems I have with the Chromebook. I've been in chromebooks since the beginning and getting android has been great but I missed my surface pro 3 sometimes. I got the Pro X because I saw it as a chromebook on steroids. and that is exactly what it has been. I absolutely love it. And I have had almost no issues with software. so I do partially take issue with your apps problem. I saw a video where the user found Arm based app replacement that worked really great for most (not all) 64bit programs. I also really think that, like Adobe who has promised to support the ARM architecture in Windows, ARM will get support because a lot of Windows manufacturers really want the extended battery life and portability that ARM brings to the table. I suspect if you re-review SPX after Adobe for Windows ARM drops your experience will be very different. For me SPX addresses the shortfalls I had with ChromeOS and now that the chromium Edge has dropped matches and occasionally surpasses the upsides of Chromebooks. Boy the SPX battery life is way better than my pixelbook and I mean isn't that part of why ChromeOS came into being in the first place; portability and battery life? And yet windows is beating it. There's no question that apple makes great products even if I personally dislike their ecosystem, but I reallly believe that with Microsoft supporting ARM and other manufacturers who already do it and maybe now will do it better since SPX upped the game, the next couple years those software gaps will be fully filled in.

  2. The Pro X's advantage over the iPad Pro is full desktop versions of software. The iPad Pro's advantage over the Pro X, is when it gets a full desktop version of whatever software, it'll be developed with it in mind, while the Pro X will have to settle for downgraded, or outdated versions of that same software. For example, iOS has a mobile version of photoshop, with a full desktop version in the works, while the the Pro X needs to downgrade to a 32bit, version of photoshop.

  3. if you really want to be productive – don't care around an iPad – just bring a laptop "a thinner laptop" – the iPad is so limited it's literally a waste of time.

  4. to be honest, this is not a fair comparison. The iPad was made as a tablet. Although Apple has given it some features to make it more or less as useful as a laptop, it is ultimately just a tablet. The Surface Pro X, on the other hand, is trying to become a laptop/tablet hybrid – a utilitarian's tablet.

    Still, Microsoft might be better off focusing on either one of them rather than achieving both at the same time. They could take some notes from Apple on how they manage to increase the versatility of their iPad. Instead of trying to make a bizarre fusion of laptop and tablet by infusing PC functionality into a tablet form factor, Apple focuses on how to achieve the same level of functionality within the "constraints" of ios environment. In the end, the end-product is not the only thing that needs to be innovated, the approach to problem-solving needs to be innovated too.

    But yeah, Microsoft still has a lot to learn from Apple when it comes to mobile devices, but to say that one wins over the other based on an apple to orange comparison is a fallacy in its own.

  5. iPad because if I want a windows device I would buy a laptop. Surface pro as a tablet is a no for me. It’s just a gimmick. I’ve had many hybrids in the past and they all couldn’t compare to the iPad Pro. I really want to like the surface pro line but the tablet functionality one isn’t future proof and two the touchscreen functionality for windows is poor. Again I don’t hate windows it’s just not well designed for a touch screen experience like the iPad Pro and iOS.

  6. The Surface Pro can do Fast Charging, and a fast charger comes in the box. iPad Pro can do Fast Charging, and Apple don't even make an iPad fast charger. And you have compared a full-fat iPad Pro with a frankly borked Surface Pro where performance is scaled down for long battery life. For less money than even the 11" iPad Pro, you can get a 64-bit Core i5 with 8-bit RAM and 128GB SSD that runs full desktop programs.

    Even though I finally did forsake the Surface Pro line for an iPad Pro, it's still a great machine, though I wouldn't touch the Surface Pro X with a bargepole.

  7. If you walk into class with the iPad, teacher is gonna tell you to put it away?, walk in with the surface? No problem, comes to show that the iPad….is an iPad

  8. Man, I loved Jon's content from Techno Buffalo, but this! All this Apple bias is making me steer away hard from this channel. There's a pretty beautiful world beyond that Walled Garden Jon. Seriously, dial it back with the Apple praise.

  9. comparing Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro
    isn't the best comparison, the two devices are very different. Pro x is more comparable to Ipad Air. Pro vs Pro and the reason you decided not to run a proper comparison between Apple Ipad pro and Surface pro 8, is that Surface will wipe the floor with Apple. Am not an apple hate, I strongly support both devices. My recommendation is that Apple is good for students, it's simple, easy and fun. But on the other hand, a Surface is for a true professional, if your are serious and want to make $$$s get your self a real tool not a toy.

  10. Anybody who has been into tech should know that a ARM processor in a machine will have problems compared to their Intel/AMD cousins. This is just Microsoft pushing a ARM machine and will have to invest and push to get it a software and application base that rivals the iPad . I believe that Microsoft "if successful with the market" will eventually be successful and eventually out perform a iPad pro and some laptops. It's all in the software now…good luck Microsoft

  11. You've just gotta love how Tech reviewers aren't allowed to have opinions, most tech reviewers give the yes to Apple and the comments are always saying they're biased. Are people not allowed to like Apple?

  12. No not rich apple apps bcs no professional apps most mobile apps are literally small toola and not all the apps in the pp store are that useful.
    On the other hand even tough microsoft doesn't have as many apps as the ipad os it has richer apps and more professional and useful apps.
    I feel apple should just release a ipad with mac os that would be the ideal senario or else they are targeted for different users.

  13. I have both last generation designs for each, 6th gen surface and iPad pro 2nd gen. Both may seem similar. But the iPad pro to me takes the cake for free hand sketching, note taking and very light photo editing (I use procreate for most). Whilst the surface kinda felt like a underpowered laptop with a touchscreen. It has a great screen too but to me doesn't feel as purely designed to do drawings on. This is a big thing for me, as I'll draw up 50+ pages a week for designing and artwork.

  14. I would buy the Microsoft. Saying that I do already have an IPad because Surface pro wasn’t out there yet. Comparing that to desktop it’s not the same but compared to iPad you get whole a lot more.

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